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Hello! This is a manual for working with Qela’s admin panel. Our solution offers a mix of voting and task management with gamification to revolutionize interaction. It allows your supporters to fully participate in the life of the organization through their smartphones. With the help of this admin panel, you can ensure that your supporters stay engaged and interested in your community or organization’s activities.

The main feature of Qela is quests and campaigns that are connected to the useful tasks one can do for an organization — from signing a petition to organizing a march. It works like this: major goals that an organization hopes to achieve become the basis of campaigns. Then they are broken up into smaller milestones and filled with quests a.k.a easily attainable actions that supporters can take to help a movement achieve its goals.

By completing quests and campaigns, supporters are getting more and more power to influence the decisions that their organization wants them to participate in. We call this solution Vote Weight — it is a sum of a person’s influence points that grows with every completed quest. The more points the person has, the more power over the final decision in the vote they will have. As we have seen with our prototype, this type of transparent motivated voting system works as a great way to stimulate supporters to participate in the everyday life of an organization and teaches them about executing their voting right.

Our mission is to help your movement flourish and achieve its goals and we do that by using gamification, distributing power, and motivating your supporters.